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Our Rituals

It is our belief that a relationship with the elements brings heightened awareness, deep grounding, and a powerful communion with the Self that transcends the material.
Our physical senses are a conduit for the energy that is ever being transmitted around us. Through our experiences of the elemental we find a path inward to our personal sanctuary.

Enjoy a couples or individual's therapy in our ceremonial sanctuary Casa Ritual. Reflexology, relaxation or deep tissue massage, quantic quartz facial. Hot stones, acupuncture, janzu water therapy, sound healing, reiki and more.

For further information please contact Front Desk. Please book at least a day in advance to guarantee availability.

Our full signature ceremonies and rituals will be available very soon:
Temazcal (ancient Mayan sweat lodge).
Healing aromatherapy bath.
Thai Massage.
Mayan clay & Melipona honey rituals.
Ancient Cacao Ceremony.

Earth + Smell

Smell is our most primitive sense, with a deep connection to memory and the power to impact our emotional state. In traditional medicine it is believed that the smell of some herbs is part of their healing effect. On inhaling a scent, we are taking in some of its very molecules, so there is a communion of the terrestrial and the physical.

We invite you through to the spiritual with our ritual, which was created to bring deep grounding and connection with the earth through powerful breathwork, ceremonial incense, herbs, and resins, all in support of the personal intention you choose.

Fire + Sight

Firegazing is an ancient form of meditation and divination that calms the restless mind, bringing focus and clarity. While our eyes rest on the flames, we take a journey inward to a deeper understanding of our spiritual needs.

In our ritual of release and purification you will take your turn before the fire to soften your gaze and sharpen your intuition. What needs to be released will come into focus, and fire’s cleansing effect brings healing and empowerment to move forward.

Air + Touch

The element of air is seen as a symbolic of the life force energy called prana. Touch releases healing chemicals in the body which lower stress, and allow for physical and mental relaxation.

In this ritual, you will practice the art of mindful receiving through the experience of our therapeutic massage. Your energetic knots are eased and your flow is restored, imparting a sense of lightness and improved wellbeing.

Ether + Sound

Ether and sound are inextricably linked. In Ayurveda, the material of the ether is sound in its most primordial form, long before it becomes an audible vibration. The ether represents consciousness, and connection with higher planes.

Music and movement are the centerpieces of this ritual, opening access to deeper experiences of freedom through rhythmic meditation, singing, and playing the traditional caracola.

Water + Taste

The five waters within the body, kapha, are protective in nature, bringing balance and flow to our internal life processes. Forms of water that enter the body are essential to our nourishment and the functioning of our biological system. It is the element of water that is tied to our sensory perception of taste.

There are five distinct aspects to our water ritual, facilitating balance on the emotional plane. The circuit includes baths, massage pools, sensory showers, and flotation, as well as a tasting of our ayurvedic waters infused with local ingredients.

If you want to know our complete list of treatments,
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