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    The protagonists of our gardens are two immense, century-old Pich trees, which embrace and cover our space, turning it into a very special area protected by these two abuelos.

    Relaxing under the branches of these trees while enjoying a snack or drink or cooling off in the fresh water of the pools becomes a incredibly pleasant experience.

    Inviting you to return to a slow pace from where you can perceive the beauty of simplicity.

    Disconnect to reconnect.



    In the heart of our Casa you will discover our impeccable high quality collection of Taschen books. Offering a wide variety of topics as Art, Photography, Architecture, Travel, Advertisement, Culture and History, in between others.
    This is the place to lose yourself into unbeatable photography and lots of creativity.

    For board game lovers we offer a collection of all the classics plus some great discoveries to play with your partner or family while immersing in Bacalar’s vibe.

    You will greatly enjoy our Library!



  • NIDO

    Nido -translated nest- is our shala, it’s the space dedicated to introspection, meditation and inspiration. Here it’s where we embrace and create all the good things we want to see grow in ourselves, our guests and the world.

    It is the perfect spot to start the day with the right energy with a yoga class as well as to relax after a massage, meditate or do your practice, enjoy a sound-healing session or simply get lost in a good book.

    Free Daily Yoga Classes
    Here you’ll find free daily yoga classes from 8:30 to 9:30 am.

    Nos vemos!




    There’s no better way to get to know Bacalar’s town than exploring it by bicycle!

    Be sure to enjoy our bikes while visiting us, they are free of charge for our guests.

    Book them in advance at Front Desk to guarantee availability.



    For your peace of mind and comfort, you will find a Mexican pesos ATM inside our boutique.


    We offer sustainable personal care products from Mexican artisan brands that give the same importance on your health care and our planet’s well-being as we do at Casa Hormiga. Using non-toxic and natural products.

    Visit the boutique during your stay.


    Make yourself the favor of experimenting some seriously good wellness rituals, physical therapies and ceremonies at Casa Ritual. We cannot recommend them enough!.

    This pampering and self love gift  will let you immerse in Bacalar’s unique vibe and experience emotional transformation.

    The menu offerings has been carefully curated by a constellation of healers who share the passion for wellbeing and living a simple healthy life.

    A must.



    From classic weddings to ancestral celebrations filled with spirituality. We create the perfect ambiance to honor complicity, companionship and true love with a lovely ceremony in our Casa.

    We’ve been proud hosts to a number of successful retreats. Whether closing the place for a group of yoga or qigong practitioners to creative writing retreats or intensive wakeboarding courses, we got you!

    The limit is your imagination, you visualize your dreamed event and we make it happen.




    The lagoon offers a vast opportunity to explore: whether enjoying the spectacular views, swimming along it’s shore, sailing it’s depths or paddle boarding, all of these options will let you explore what Bacalar Lagoon is all about.

    Please remember the following ecological suggestions for a a sustainable approach on your visit to the Lagoon:

    • Avoid wearing sunscreen for it is toxic to its ecosystem. Protect yourself from the sun with long-sleeved clothing, hat and/or ecological sunscreen that guarantees environmentally friendly ingredients.
    • Do not perform mud wraps on the body and/or face. This habit has been proven to damage the fragile lagoon ecosystem.
    • Respect the marked limits, do not trespass. Birds and other small animals are protected in these areas.
    • Please pick up your garbage and if possible avoid using plastic.

    Go to Lagoon


    The Cenote Azul is round-shaped and a dense jungle separates it from the rest of Bacalar Lagoon. Unlike this last one, that’s mostly shallow and turquoise colored, Cenote Azul is over 90 meters deep and as a result, it has a dark blue shade to its water.

    The water at Cenote Azul is so clear that visitors can see the nearby tree roots underwater that span in all directions which makes it attractive for snorkeling. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Cenote Azul and swimming in its crystal waters.


    The fort was built in 1725 during the English expansionist thread and the constant pirates attacks. In 1858 was taken for the Mayans during the caste war. (1847-1901).

    Nowadays the Fort is open as a museum containing archeological mayan pieces, colonial time objects, antique weapons and ammunitions and more.



    If you’d like to immerse in Bacalar’s local culture and peoples and get to know the traditions, then the local park is the place to be.

    Visit it in the late afternoon, walk around i try a marquesita (traditional cheese and chocolate stuffed crepe) or corn-on-a-stick and enjoy the sunset as the birds make a stunning (and noisy!) show every afternoon.

    You’ll find several restaurants and handicrafts stores around it.




    Our friends promote sustainable ecotours to the Lagoon of Bacalar in a catamaran or monohull.

    Immerse and connect with nature while sailing through the lagoon and exploring islands and mangroves. Our captains will show you the flora and fauna of the local ecosystem and guide you through local legends and the history of this region. On the trip you’ll visit places such as: the Pirate Channel, bird island, the stromatolites and coconut island.

    • Daily morning (8am and 11am) and afternoon (3pm) tours.
    • Departures from La Playita*, duration 3 hs.
    • Includes a cooler with fresh water and fruits.

    *Departure from La Playita only applies for private tours.


    Explore the lagoon at your own pace or enjoy a group sunrise/sunset paddling outing.
    If you are an adventurous traveler you might enjoy a longer experienced group paddling through the Mayan canals (experience paddling needed and certain physical condition required).

    Duration starting from 1 hour up to 8 hs.



    If you’d like to get to know as much as you can of Laguna Bacalar, you might be interested in this experience which will show you what this ancient ecosystem is all about. These boats are equipped with the latest motor technology in order to respect and take care of our lovely nature and explore it sustainably.

    • Daily morning (8am and 11am) and afternoon (3pm) tours.
    • Departures from La Playita*, duration 3 hs
    • Includes a cooler with fresh water and fruits.

    *Departure from La Playita only applies for private tours.



    Only 15 minutes from our Casa and in the heart of the jungle, you’ll find a zip-line circuit consisting of seven different heights and distances alongside Bacalar Lagoon.

    Great activity for families, couples or solo travelers. Flying over the jungle is a fun way to explore it and if you are lucky you’ll get to see monkeys that usually hang in the treetops around.

    Duration 3 hs 


    Bird lovers will enjoy this experience through jungle paths exploring the magnificent flora and fauna in it’s waking hours.

    You will learn about the trees and plants as well as the animals that inhabit the area and how they interact with each other.

    Duration 2 ½ hs


    Fancy a horseback ride through jungle paths?

    Horse lovers will enjoy a very private and pleasant walk through the jungle while visiting a 50 year old Mahogany plantation in San Felipe lagoon, only 15 minutes from our Casa.

    Duration 2 ½ hs


    Bacalar is just a short distance from a wide roster of impressive Mayan ruins. The ancient sites of Kohunlich, Dzibanche and Chacchoben are all less than an hour away by car.

    Kohunlich is a particularly large and impressive site and is well worth a day trip from Bacalar.


    Click here to see the options



    Just an hour away from Bacalar you’ll find the picturesque town of Mahahual, a small beach community. Famous for being a cruise ship port, Mahahual’s real charm lies underwater offering fantastic snorkeling and diving sites, as the treasured Banco Chinchorro: a coral barrier reef part of the reserve reefs of Mexico, the second largest reef chain in the world. Here you’ll find thirty two dive sites including all sort of sunken ships.


    Walking the Malecón alongside the beach is another activity you’ll enjoy while visiting Mahahual. You’ll find several restaurants and beach clubs that offer sun-beds and great food options, where -clearly- menu’s star is fresh seafood and fish.

    If you are interested in visiting Mahahual, let us help you book the best options for:

    • Fishing trips
    • Diving and/or snorkeling
    • Beach club reservations




    These ruins were once a mighty city used on and off from 1000Bc until 1000 AD. It lay dormant for nearly 1000 years and was found by a farmer wanting good land in 1942. It was not until 1972 when archeologist began exploring the ruins and had it listed with the Mexican Government. It began to be restored in 1994 and it was not officially open to the public until 2002. That is a pretty recent opening so you know many have not seen these ruins.

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    This is a large site encompassing over twenty acres spread out over relatively flat terrain. Tree shaded trails wind through the sub-tropical rainforest making it enjoyable to explore. While the main attractions are the large Sun God masks, the site has numerous other structural groups to explore.

    The site dates from the Pre-Classic (300B.C.-250 A.D) through its peak in the Late Classic (600-900 A.D), and was abandoned around 1100 A.D.

    More Info


    Dzibanche & Kinichna ruins are away from the crowds which guarantees a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, just perfect to explore and an enjoy the relaxing sounds of the jungle and if you are lucky, get to see howler monkey families.

    Dzibanché means “writing on wood” This name comes from large wooden lintel contained in the Temple of the Lintels that has eight glyphs carved into the quebracho wood. This wooden carving can be traced back to 618 AD. The settlement was occupied from 200 BC to 990 AD. It was the early capital of the Kan dynasty, which later ruled Calakmul. Archeologists found the earliest known use of the Kan glyph within the structures. The Kan family moved to Calakmul around 590 AD.

    More Info


    Located in the second biggest rain forest in the continent, Calakmul latest research have shown that it is the most important city from Mayan Classic, with Tikal and Palenque they led the politic organization of the Maya highlands.

    Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002 for cultural and environmental significance, the city existed for twelve centuries (550 B.C. – 900 A.D.)

    More Info

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