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At Casa Hormiga - Hotel & Rituales, we welcome you as you are. When you step into our Casa you are entering a sanctuary. Here you will find beauty, kindness, and relaxation - and an opening for spiritual relief.

We offer our guests a place to remove the masks that bind them and let go of the roles that may weight on their shoulders. Here we invite them to be free to explore themselves as they really are.

In this freedom there is space for deep transformation.

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Our home it’s a sanctuary built with love.

Eighteen rooms and common spaces created to foster renewal, healing, and a deeper connection with the Self.

The Rituals

Exploration of our relationship with the elements brings heightened awareness, deep grounding and a powerful communion with the Self that transcends the material.

Discover Southern Yucatán Península

“The first glimpse of Laguna Bacalar felt like a mirage, a flash of luminous turquoise through a haze of trees. Twenty-six miles long and just over a mile wide, the “Lake of Seven Colors” snakes through the jungle, carrying tales of Mayan origins and pirate attacks.”
New York Times, Dec 24 2019
Bacalar was founded by the Mayas in 415 a.C. with the name of Sian Ka’an Bakhalal, translated ‘where the sky is born’ and ‘surrounded by reeds’.

Spanish conquistadores arrived in the middle of the 16th Century and Bacalar became a regular target for English pirates -who would enter the lagoon via a canal known actually as Pirates Canal- and sacked the town in the middle of the 17th Century. San Felipe Fort was built in 1733 as a response to the constant attacks. These fortress offers impressive views of the lagoon and will transport you back to an age where pirates were a constant threat to the region.

In 2006 Bacalar was declared a Pueblo Mágico -Magic Town- and since then it’s been slowly growing attracting a very distinctive crowd. If you are looking for a different -slow pace- kind of travel and you’d like to dwell in the Yucatan Peninsula’s culture, you’ve found your spot.

Come here to relax and unplug.