Casa Hormiga began with the vision of a sanctuary. Created to foster renewal, healing, and a deeper connection with the Self, it is a place for our guests to experience a journey inward, all while absorbing the unique energy of Bacalar.

At our Casa Hormiga, in the lap of nature, we bring light to this path through ritual, tranquil surroundings, and the warmth of our care for each of our guests. When they leave our Home, the best souvenir they can carry with them is their own energy, revived and renewed.

The ant is our namesake for its capacity to put the common good before all else. We firmly believe in the power of community, so it is only natural that we show the same respect and care for our staff as we do for our guests. Yet ants are possessing of great power even as individuals, seeming to transcend the laws of physics with their weight-bearing ability. Our chosen form of individual transcendence is meditation. We channel the energy of the earth and send our love to all corners of the world. In this way, we transmit the spirit of our Casa far beyond the limits of Bacalar, to our past, present, and future guests- and all who would receive it.
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