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Casa Ritual

It is our belief that a relationship with the elements brings heightened awareness, deep grounding and a powerful communion with the Self that transcends the material.
Our physical senses are a conduit for the energy that is ever being transmitted around us. Through our experiences of the elemental we find a path inward to our personal sanctuary.

Our House Ritual is a gift to you from yourself: an eclectic experience combining tradition, meditation, breath-work, wisdom and body and soul pampering.

We work with Bacalar’s sacred medicinal energy represented in the natural elements -Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether. Ether as the delicate and subtle essence that occupies the empty space between objects, the invisible presence that moves all the tangible.
We honor the intrinsic relation between the natural elements with our human senses -Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Hearing. Our House Rituals resonates with this union aided by Mexican ceremonial traditions: its medicine, its voice and its wisdom.

It’s an invitation to open to an emotional transformation. We understand the emotional body as the field where blockages are originated and later on represented on the physical body in the form of tension, pain, discomfort or sickness. Memories are not just stored in the brain and mind, but also in every cell of the human body.
In order to deeply relax the physical body it's necessary to work altogether with the emotional body. 
In this way, changes are rooted on the inside and from there to the outside, reaching long-lasting wellbeing and a profound feeling of completeness.

Elements Ancient Rituals . Tribe Soothing Baths . Temazcal . Massages . Cacao Ceremony . Traditional Limpias . Therapeutic Tarot Reading . Sound-Healing . Water meditations . Reiki . Sacred Crystals Skin Treatments .
. Welcome to our Casa Ritual a Self-love sanctuary.

Earth + Smell

Main Energy: Self-Respect.

Attracts: Practicism. Perseverance. Grounding.

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Smell is our most primitive sense with a deep connection to memory and the power to impact our emotional state. In traditional medicine it is believed that the smell of some herbs is part of their healing effect. On inhaling a scent, we are taking in some of its very molecules, so there is a communion of the terrestrial and the physical. We invite you feel this communion with our Earth + Smell therapy, which was created to bring deep grounding and connection with the Earth through powerful breath-work, ceremonial incense and a intuitive combined massage through a tailored experience of rhythmic movements and expert hands.

Fire + Sight

Main Energy: Self-Confidence.

Attracts: Enthusiasm. Movement. Action.

Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Fire-gazing is an ancient form of meditation and divination that calms the restless mind bringing focus and clarity. While our eyes rest on the flames we take a journey inward to a deeper understanding of our spiritual needs. In our Fire + Sight session of releasing and purification, you will experience the healing energy of the precious hot obsidian massage, which works with the active and masculine energy of the sun. What needs to be released will come into focus and fire’s cleansing effect will bring healing and empowerment to move forward.

Air + Touch

Main Energy: Self-Development.

Attracts: Optimism. Integrity. Faith.

Zodiac: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

The element of Air is seen as a symbolic of equilibrium a light yet vital energy that modern lifestyle habits can unbalance. Touch invites us to be aware of our limits as our skin -the largest organ in our body- acts as a frontier between ourselves and others. In the Air + Touch session, you will practice the art of mindful receiving. Beginning with the soft inhalation of natural essences that enhance immunity followed by an energetic deep tissue massage which combats adrenal fatigue. Your energetic knots are eased and your flow is restored imparting a sense of lightness and improved wellbeing.

Ether + Sound

Main Energy: Life Force.

Attracts: Restoration. Transmutation. Preservation.

Ether and sound are inextricably linked. In ancient traditions the material of the Ether was considered to be sound in its most primordial form, long before it becomes an audible vibration. The Ether represents consciousness and connection with higher planes. Music and movement are the centerpieces of the Ether + Hearing session, opening access to deeper experiences of freedom through rhythmic meditation with our therapeutic lomi-lomi massage. A technic inspired in the flying dance of the Kahuna, a deep and rhythmical massage that indulges all the senses, intensely relaxing and working gently but deeply into the muscles using continuous flowing strokes. A head to toe body treatment that will help improving Hearing of your inner voice.

Water + Taste

Main Energy: Self-Moderation.

Attracts: Flexibility. Sensibility. Opening.

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The five waters within the body are protective in nature, bringing balance and flow to our internal life processes. Forms of water that enter the body are essential to our nourishment and the functioning of our biological system. It is the element of Water that is tied to our sensory perception of taste. In the Water + Taste session we’ll be balancing the water in the body, our inner tides, through a deep lymphatic drainage therapy, scalp and facial massage destined to promote circulation and eliminating toxins while reaching an opening of heart where emotions can flow safely and freely.